Photographer based in Innsbruck/Austria. Photography is not my profession, but my passion. I started wit analog cameras, with an own darkroom, later changed to digital.
About five years ago I found my love for street photography. I love to stroll through the streets and look for interesting people and situations. It doesn’t get boring, it’s always different.
I like to travel to get inspired by new places … and to meet other photographers

Music: The second passion is music. 1989 workshops in cuban and from 1991 in brazilian percussion, in the same year foundation of the sambaband „So da Samba“. Founding member of the samba group mais uma in 1997, with now over 200 concerts in Austria, Italy and Germany and two CD productions.
From 2003 to 2013 percussionist at the world-music-ensemble Comin & Goin and workshops in korean percussion hold by Kim Dong-Won (Rebublic of Korea) at the Musikakademie in Basel.

Video: On the occasion of the three tours with Comin & Goin to Korea from 2003 – 2005 beginning of filming videos and video editing.
Many videos for the Austrian Sitar player Klaus Falschlunger